New Year’s Eve Pet Safety

Happy New Year from Woodland Veterinary Hospital!

New Years Eve is a wonderful time to get together with friends and celebrate – a worldwide party to ring in the new year! Many cities have firework celebrations, and the tradition of watching the ball drop in Times Square is always a highlight for us, but these festivities are not always grand, safe or joyful for your pet. The excitement of the sparkling, popping and cracking sounds might be fun f…or humans, but is often frightening for our animals. Without proper care, pets can get lost during the festivities.We at Woodland Veterinary Hospital want your and your pets to have a safe and happy holiday, so here are some helpful tips to help ensure you all have a safe, pleasant New Year’s Eve:• Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with ID tags that have your most current constact information. Cats should wear break away / safety collars to ensure they do not get caught on items in their environment while trying to hide. Of course, we also strongly encourage microchipping your pet – it is quick, easy, and the most permanent form of identification. Almost all vets/shelters have universal microchip scanners that can be used to help identify your pet if they are found. We have one here at Woodland Vet, so if you are worried about the information on your pet’s chip, you are welcome to bring your pet in and ask us to do a test scan to make sure everything is in order!

• Don’t take your pet to the local New Years Eve fireworks festivities. An animal’s sense of hearing is much more sensitive than a human – those huge firework displays we love are much scarier and louder to our pets than they are to us. The sights and sounds are typically too overwhelming for them, and frightened outdoor dogs have been known to jump high fences and dig holes to escape the sound of fireworks. Indoor animals should also be kept away from large glass windows or doors – when scared they are capable of crashing right through.

• Keep your pets indoors in a quiet area that is familiar to him / her with plenty of fresh water and some comforting items – bedding, blankets, or toys that they enjoy. Dogs who are crate trained may feel safest in their kennels with several safe chew toys. Cats will do best in a bathroom or utility room with food, water and their litter box. It also helps to leave a radio or TV on, which both provides soothing sounds and helps cover some of the residual firework noises. Our Woodland Vet boarding facility is fairly soundproof, but we make sure to also play the radio to keep our Pet Hotel guests as comfortable as possible.

• Make sure to keep all alcohol, festive foods / chocolates, floral arrangements and party decorations away from your pets. Once you hear a balloon pop, make sure to pick up the busted balloon pieces, which may attract curious kitties. A lot of these items will look like toys or tasty snacks to your pet, but can result in a serious intestinal blockage if eaten. It’s also wise to avoid feeding leftovers: turkey, pork and ham can cause pancreatitis or severe GI upset. Alcohol can be dangerous and deadly, and chocolate is especially toxic to both dogs and cats. Unfortunately, we see a lot of these cases over the holidays – no matter what sad eyes your pet gives you when you’re snacking, make sure to give them a pet-safe treat instead!

• Lastly, remember to keep a watchful eye on your pet and put the name and number of your veterinarian and local animal emergency clinic in a designated area. Our number at Woodland Veterinary Hospital is 530-666-2461.With these tips in mind, you and your pet should be able to enjoy a safe, fun New Year’s Eve celebration! Happy New Year to all of you, from our family here at Woodland Veterinary Hospital!