We are excited to now offer an entirely new group of integrative medicine treatment options for our patients with the help of Dr. Christina Venable-Johnson, DVM, CVMA, CCRP, CVPP (Dr. V). These include:

Cold Laser therapy
Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy
Rehab exercises and therapy

All of these treatment options are designed to improve healing and comfort. They can aid a range of cases, from chronic arthritis to neurological disease, slow-healing wounds, soft tissue injuries, and even healing after a TPLO. Most importantly, they are pain free to the animals. Dr. V’s own dog enjoys his treatments so much that he has started seeking them out on his own. As you can see, our patients and their owners loved it too! If you’re interested in scheduling a consult, give us a call at 530-666-2461 or  request an appointment online.