Hi, it’s Woodstock here, the Woodland Veterinary Hospital cat! For those who don’t know me, I live in the treatment area of WVH and help supervise all of the patient care. Since Thanksgiving is almost here, I wanted to take some time to share some of the things I am thankful for with all of you. In no particular order:

Greenies! (so delicious)

Deliveries (and shredding the boxes and Styrofoam they come in!)

Freshly washed towels/blankets

Special visitors (like Dr. Mackie) who clearly come just to see me!

Walks outside

Napping in sunbeams in exam rooms

The warm surgical tables after someone finishes a surgery (or before!)

Naps on the blue chair in pharmacy (especially if someone warmed it up first!)

Rosa, Carmelle, and Dr. Johnson (aka Suckers I know I can always get treats and pets from!)

My box of drapes (primo naptime spot)

Uneaten food from other patients

Things to sit in

And Dr. Rode (for saving my life all those years ago)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, from me and my Woodland Vet family!

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