It’s that time of year!

Rattlesnakes become more prominent with the warmer weather. The rattlesnake stands out from other snakes with it’s triangular-shaped head, prominent “neck”, and a rattle on the end of the tail. Dogs tend to get curious with rattlesnakes and that’s when they get bit. If your dog is at risk for being bit by a rattlesnake, the doctors at Woodland Veterinary Hospital very highly recommend that he is given the rattlesnake vaccine. The vaccine is given to healthy dogs to slow down the effects of the venom. By no means will it solely save your dog’s life. But it will allow you time to rush your dog to our hospital to be treated.

The vaccine is recommended to be given annually (around this time of year). If this is your dog’s first vaccine, a booster is necessary 4 weeks after the first vaccine.

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