Pet Health Insurance

The doctors at Woodland Veterinary Hospital advocate for our patients to be covered by pet health insurance. Although very few of our patients are currently insured, we have seen the difference that it makes for the health and well-being of those animals, and we believe that many more pets could benefit from insurance coverage. Even the American Veterinary Medical Association endorses the concept of pet health insurance to help defray the cost of veterinary medical care.

Most pet owners are able to anticipate and budget for the routine wellness care of their pets: annual examinations, vaccines, parasite control, and routine testing, for example. However, it can be difficult to budget for the unexpected, whether as simple as an ear infection or as complicated as a rattlesnake bite or broken bone. Pet insurance can provide for treatment of these and other conditions without the owner being responsible for the entire bill.

After much consideration, the doctors at Woodland Veterinary Hospital are recommending Petplan as our preferred provider. Petplan offers very comprehensive coverage, no prescribed coverage limit per illness or injury (just an overall yearly limit), and the flexibility to choose your coverage limit and deductible so the monthly premiums fit your budget. They have a 30-day, risk-free money back guarantee, and offer complimentary underwriting so that you know exactly what the policy covers.

If your pet is insured with a carrier other than Petplan, you can absolutely still use the coverage at Woodland Veterinary Hospital—because the system works differently than human health insurance, we can work with any pet insurance provider.