Monday Medical Mystery – 11/14/16

I hope everyone is ready for another Monday Medical Mystery! This week’s patient is Abraham, a 6 year old Mastiff mix who saw Dr. Johnson on emergency last week for what his owner suspected was a possible broken leg. He was worried that Abraham might have injured himself on the fence at home. Abraham was not putting any weight on his right front leg, and the area was extremely painful, even when he was not touched. There was a tiny visible puncture wound and a hard, protruding lump on the leg as well. Dr. Johnson took x-rays to check for fractures, as well as any possible metal from the fence.

We’ve included photos of the wound/bump after we shaved it, and the x-rays Dr. Johnson reviewed. What do you think happened to Abraham? What did we have to do? What did we find? (Warning: this was a tricky one – even for us!)

Abraham’s leg after we shaved it. You can clearly see the small wound and the protrusion. Poor Abraham was so painful that he needed to be sedated for us to be able to examine his wounds.