Happy 10th Re-Birthday, Woodstock!

If you visit Woodland Vet often enough, at some point you are sure to encounter Woodstock, our hospital cat. He is our self-appointed ambassador, visiting animals in the treatment and boarding areas, snuggling with the delivery men, and whenever he can, sneaking into the lobby so he can lounge in the windows and maybe even get some pats from new friends. He is a very social fellow, and manages to charm just about everyone he meets. We certainly fell in love with him right away.

Woodstock came to live with us in 2007, but the beginning to his story was not a pleasant one. He came in as an emergency visit: vomiting, bleeding from some unknown source, and with bright yellow foam in the litterbox. Dr. Rode was the on-call doctor that morning. Here he is retelling the tale:

Happy Tenth Re-Birthday, Woodstock! We love you dearly!