Just about any Woodland veterinarian you ask would agree that having your pet spayed or neutered is a part of responsible pet ownership. Not only does this reduce unwanted litters, but this simple, routine procedure can actually have a number of health and behavioral benefits for your pet. Yet some pet owners are still unsure of whether it’s the right thing to do, based on a number of myths and misconceptions that are floating around.

We’d like to take a moment to dispel some of these myths to help those pet owners who are on the fence make a more informed decision.

Myth #1: “It will make my pet fat.” – This is completely false. Too much food and not enough exercise are what contribute to weight gain and obesity in pets. If you work with your Woodland veterinarian to ensure that your pet is fed a nutritious diet, and you provide them with ample opportunity to exercise, your animal companion will remain just as fit after surgery as before.

Myth #2: “It’s dangerous.” – Many pet owners avoid having their pets spayed or neutered because the thought of surgery scares them. While no surgical procedure is ever completely without risk, these procedures are incredibly routine, which means your Woodland veterinarian performs many of them on a weekly or even daily basis. And today’s technology, coupled with advanced pain management methods, make this operation extremely low-risk.

Myth #3: “I love my pet so much, I want another just like her.” – Your pet may have the absolute sweetest personality, or may be as smart as a whip, but there’s no guarantee that his or her offspring will have those same traits. While some features are breed-specific, the overall personality, behavior and temperament of an animal isn’t inherent. So, you could end up with a litter of animals that are the complete opposite of their parents.

Myth #4: “I can’t get him fixed because he’s purebred.” – Unless you are skilled at breeding and can successfully find quality homes for all of your pet’s offspring, it really doesn’t matter whether your pet is purebred or not. Ask any Woodland veterinarian and they’ll tell you that plenty of unwanted purebreds end up in shelters just like mixed breeds.

Myth #5: “I’ll find them all good homes.” – No matter how well-intentioned you are, you really can’t guarantee a good, loving home for every puppy or kitten. Some litters are incredibly large, and can leave you with several unwanted animals that you can’t find homes for. Are you really prepared to care for all of these additional animals on top of your existing pets should you end up in this type of situation?
If you’re struggling with these same objections, or have your own unique questions or concerns about having your pet spayed or neutered, talk them over with your Woodland veterinarian. Together you can come up with a plan that you can feel comfortable with, and that has your pet’s best interests in mind.

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