Leaving Your Cat Home Alone – Guilt Free Tips

As much as you’d love to bring your cat along with you everywhere, there are times when leaving your cat home alone is simply the only option. For instance, until they implement “bring your cat to work day”, chances are if you work full or part time, there are certain hours of the day that your cat is left alone. If you’re experiencing a little guilt, don’t worry. Here are a few tips from a Woodland vet to help you get over that guilt and keep kitty happy and content when you’re not around.

Keep Your Feline Companion Busy – If you provide plenty of activities and toys to play with, your cat will be so busy playing that they may forget you’re even gone! Plus, these types of things encourage physical and mental exercise, which is good for your kitty’s overall health and wellbeing, so you’ll end up with a more balanced, happy cat. If you’re not sure what toys would be best, try a few different ones to see which types your cat seems to take to, or ask your Woodland vet for a recommendation.

Stay On Top of Cleanliness – Keep your cat’s bedding clean and stay on top of litterbox maintenance. No matter how busy and on the go you may be, waste should be scooped out at least once a day and the entire litterbox should be changed to fresh litter at least once a week – more if you have multiple cats. Felines are hygienic by nature, so keeping a clean area for them to reside will go a long way to keeping them happy while you’re away.

Provide Chances to Climb – Cats are naturally vertical creatures, meaning they love to jump and climb. Another great way to keep your feline companion occupied when you’re not at home is to provide plenty of opportunities for them to get some height. Use platforms, kitty condos and climbing trees (your Woodland vet can recommend some good ones) and place them throughout your home to give your cat variety.

Get a Playmate – If you really feel that your cat is lonely in your absence, it may be time to start thinking about getting another feline companion to keep your cat company. This is sometimes a good idea for kittens that are particularly frisky and even older cats that could use a little coaxing to keep them active. Just speak with your Woodland vet first to be sure that your cat’s age, health, behavior and personality would be a good fit for a multi-cat household.

Leaving for work or vacation without your cat can be nerve wracking, leaving many pet owners feeling guilty and worried about how their feline companion is faring while all alone. Skip the guilt by putting these tips into action and working closely with your Woodland vet, and your cat will be enjoying his or her time alone in no time!